What will the world of the winning AI

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Existing foresight of the world of the winning AI:

At the same time, both classes of foresigns suffer from a general ailment — the need to be optimistic. After all, poor forecasts love, except professional Alarmists.

The legendary visible, techno-investor and Li Kaifra strategist swung at the impossible. He decided to write an accurate meaningful forecast of the world’s winning AI in 20 years with an exciting plot and easily readable language. And wrote, uniting talent and efforts with the famous Chinese science writer Chen Tsyufan (he is Stanley Cheng).

It turned out an interesting 3-private scheme.

What will be to live in the world of the winning AI:

✔️ When a big brother, through insurance companies will control all aspects of people’s lives, by dynamic recalculation of their risks (which people do, how they behave, etc., in the spirit of today’s social rating in China);

✔️ When the main instrument of power and crime will be not violence, and the IA technology Deepmask is the successor of today’s Deepfake, to identify the fakes of which it will be impossible;

✔️ When the physicist who went to the roof decides with the help of II technologies, take revenge on the world for his cruelty, alone destroying humanity;

✔️ When the AI technology of non-contact communications, rapidly developed after the Pandemic series began in 2019, will lead people to the transition to «non-contact love»;

✔️ and 6 more novel about quite different than now, life in the world of the winning AI.

«We are the owners of your destiny»

In the context of the new book Kai-Fu Lee, this slogan can be interpreted in two ways:

Talk about the book with Chen Tsyufan: