What to do with China?

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The United States no longer want to play a geopolitical orlyan. A report on the strategy of scientific and technological containment of China, prepared by the Division of the state security of the National Defense of the Rand Corporation (this Research Institute, is sponsored by the Ministry of Browst, the Joint Committee of Headquarters and Intelligence Committee).

Entitled «

The fact that China was conceived, I already wrote (see posts with Tag # China) and told (see video).

During the US Trump, the US Trump followed China’s deterrence strategies aimed at scientific and technical restrictions and technological insulation of China, designed to limit its access to key American innovation.

But by the end of 2020 it became obvious that China accepted the United States challenge and began to raise the tasks of scientific and technological import substation (both at the level of development and production and the personnel level).

As a result, the key was the question:

Options here are only two: it will be able or will not be able. And no one in the world today cannot say exactly which of the options will come true. For it depends on the mass of a variety of factors and, even worse, «inevitable at sea randoms.»

But the new US administration must be addressed to do what to do with China:

And it is necessary to decide at the beginning of 2021, when the US administration will be changed.

But how to guess the correct option in this geopolitical orlyan?

This question was undertaken to solve the State Security Division of the RAND NII. And he decided to find a critical point on which the result of the game in the Geopolitical Orly and China depends.

This factor is specified not only at the conceptual level. It is described in the form of a network of matrices of key scientific, technological, political, economic and social activities, as well as interactions and streams (people, information and money) between them that generate technological innovations.

This framework is applied by Rand analysts to three most important scientific and technological directions:

On these three cases, the report authors show examples of how specific cells of the matrices obtained as a result of the layout of the elements in the innovation structure may become «windows of opportunities», which determine the dynamics of the China’s innovative system, affecting the inclusion of innovation and its transformation into real innovative results.

Well, now the main question: so still

But the final answer, whether China is able to become a «great innovator», now behind specialists of specific scientific and technical industries. Only they can fill the analytical framework developed by analysts the analytical framework by relevant estimates of the elements of the innovative structure of China, capable of becoming for the latter «windows of opportunities».

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