Transformation in inforgi or global catastrophe

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

On the channel

0:00 Avt Representation

3:00 Key modern IT technology is no longer one dozen years

4:30 How far was ahead of the study of the «Secret» SGI laboratory study in the mid-90s

9:00 Why, in 2000, the research was rolled on a simpler way, and now try to return to the source

10:30 Creating a human-like intelligence and solving automation tasks — absolutely different areas

11:30 What is the difference between human intelligence from statistical detection of patterns in data

14:30 Without a body, intelligence cannot be alive, while remaining only a combination of smart but dead algorithms

17:00 Should I live and learn in the real world or virtual

18:30 Physical reality perceived — also virtual

21:15 For a person, individual intelligence does not exist — socio-cognitive networks

24:40 How to form cognitive gadgets of people

28:00 The evolution of people has long been a genetic cultural (with a decisive weight of the last)

30:00 Inforida and their children

36:30 Experiment of Belyaev Academician for Lummy domestication.

38:00 New breed of people — «Good man»

41:00 What can new generations of infor

44:30 Why the world becomes less sensual attractive

49:00 Exacerbation of intelligence and degeneration of perception

51:00 How to change the cognitive gadget of beauty perception

55:00 How culture is washing out obsolete cognitive gadgets

59:30 Beauty — as the maximum simplification of the most difficult

1:05:00 Risks Biohimer

1:09:00 The world entered the zone of evolutionary singularity

1:13:00 The striking flexibility of the reconfiguration of the cognitive gadgets of people

1:17:40 Dunbar is right in the world of social media


1:22:00 Hybridization of people and algorithms (Motivation and Will interference with algorithmic and network laws)

1:26:00 How Machine Training can replace R & D

1:29:00 The role of culture — as an interface to socio-cognitive networks



1:35:00 New network architecture of the world

1:38:00 Hormonal incentives of people regulated by network algorithms

1:43:00 Cultural Iars of Infori — the merger of «Echo cameras» in two incompatible campnesses

1:51:00 Is it possible to turn off the cultural wars of infor

1:53:40 Full outstanding in human or global catastrophe inforgi

1:55:00 We are in the zone of evolutionary singularity, and therefore nothing is predetermined

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