«Sleeping Beauty» Stephen Tungsten and a new theory of relativity

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

In the recent lecture of Stephen Tungsten «Science outside the horizon», read at the Institute of Prospective Studies, UVA, in particular, talks about the largest mistake of the physics of the twentieth century — a mistake in the special theory of relativity (he also tells about the second major error — in quantum mechanics) .

The assumption that space and time is the «alloy» of 4 dimensions (space-time), the error of Herman Minkowski, which confused physics from the way (and Einstein, by the way, did not like this approach).

How tungsten proposes to correct this error, you can read

Good news

And what does the degree of influence of the theory in science depends?

No matter how tritely sounds — on the number of citation work. And then the whole hope is that tungsten theory is

«Sleeping beauties» is the enormous potential of genius, able to change in human life anything: reset the risks of nuclear weapons, cancel pandemic, make it possible to travel to distant stars). And therefore, the study of «sleeping beauties» is becoming more active as the growth of existential risks is aware.

The main problem in the awakening of «Sleeping Beauty» — overcoming

On our happiness, the breakthrough happened at 2020.

And then, perhaps, we will not have to wait for brilliant breakthroughs to half a century (and in the story it was worse, — when after 50 years the theory was generally forgotten — «Sleeping Beauty» fell into lethargy) if social networks seriously take on the awakening of «Sleeping Beauty» .

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