Secret cipher based on dolphins

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Submarines with ballistic missiles and drones with nuclear torpedoes are particularly difficult to detect. And therefore they become the key component of the Nuclear Triads of the United States, Russia and China. But the Achilles of the heel of underwater vehicles is the problem of communication (radio waves just pass through salt water).

Theoretically, instead of radio waves, you can use a sound link. Sound is an ideal form of long-distance communication in the depths of the ocean, which limit the effective transmission of light and radio waves. It is the sound who naturally chose evolution as a means of communicating whales and dolphins.

This and inspired in 1959 US Navy for launch

In 1970, Darpa was connected to the project, which multiple increased its financing. The bid for Combo success was very high.

Alas, the result was crying — the project was closed. Everything rested in the impossibility of real-time to generate messages on incomprehensible people of dolphins. Because of this, communication participants needed code tables (as to this day in technologically backward banks for remote access to the account). There were other problems, but this is the key. See more in more detail.

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