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Also explained the mechanism of «turning points» from the standpoint

How it works in practice during the perception of the brain information from the senses, we will look at the 2nd part of the post.

Our goal will be an attempt to understand:

The goals of changing the perception of reality with the help of psychedelic people came up with the most different: from the ancient shamanist, medical and religious practices to modern travels between the realities committed by psychedelic, and now in technical psychons.

Among these purposes, 4 types of spiritual improvement achieved during psychedelic trips can be distinguished. The approach to spiritual perfection is achieved by gaining the following types of expanded consciousness experience:

✔️ «unifying» experience

✔️ experience «insight»

✔️ Experience «Compassion»

✔️ «Demonic» experience

In the 21st century, a peculiar renaissance began studying the actions of psychedelic, due to the emergence of new breakthrough technologies. Starting from the first double-blind examination of the acute and long-term psychological effects of a high dose of psilocybinate conducted in 2005 [

The growing attention of researchers to psychedelic experience is largely spurred by cutting the ability to generate

➖ Neurovalization technologies: for reading neural brain signatures

➖ Machine training technologies: for interpretation of read signatures specially trained

➖ human immersion technologies in a modified mind state:

However, the main driver of studies of psychedelic experience is still the opportunity to identify them, as the brain generates our perception of the world and ourselves.

Until recently, in spite of many important studies, a radical breakthrough to understanding the specific mechanics of the brain’s work on the design of perception is constrained by the absence of a single model and a universal theoretical framework for explaining psychedelic effects. That is why the development of the first such framework and the models called

The theoretical framework Rebus is based on the combination of two theoretical bases that interpret the brain as the prediction machine (predicting brain — see

✔️ Principle of Free Energy (PSE)

✔️gipothesis of entropy brain (GEM)

It is important to note that both theoretical bases are built on quantifiable indicators from the theory of information that are suitable for empirical studies.

Pse fistona

Basic concepts

And PSE and the GEM proceed from the fact that the main mechanism for the implementation of processes of the forecasting brain is

This happens, about so.


Like PSE, GEM represents the brain as a car to combat surprises and eliminate any uncertainty. At the same time, the GEM focuses on a serious call accompanying this struggle — the colossal complexity of the human brain. It is able to abide in the innumerable spectrum of various mental states. And it does


As Karhart Harris writes,

The author of GEM believe that the evolution managed to find a more optimal way to suppress uncertainty and reduce entropy arising in the brain in the process of evolution

According to the GEM, the spectrum of cognitive states consists of highly index and low-costropy mental states.

All sorts of physiological «disorders» of low-costropy states Karhart Harris considers not so much the result of the lack of order in the brain, how much to be rebupping


Theoretical framework Rebus so interprets the mechanism of disorganization of the brain under the action of psychedelics.

Psychedelic, as it were, «warmer» the brain, increasing its plasticity and relaxing the effect of privities. When psychedelic ceases to act, the brain is «cool down» — the hierarchy is rebuilt, perhaps already in another configuration than a pre-psychedelic trip (which explains the long-term consequences of tryries).

This is how it is illustrated by the authors of the Rebus model.

Neurochemistry and neurophysiology of the process of relaxation and anarchization of the brain, as described by carchart-harris and frets, includes two mechanisms. With their help, psychedelic can relax the default network connectivity

If you present the neurochemistry and neurophysiology of the process of relaxation and anarchy of the brain in the Rebus model a little more detail, then it looks like, so (see Fig. Below).

Rebus authors compare this process with

Imagine a landscape of hills and valleys. And you are a bug that fell into a random point of the landscape. As any saving the power of the creature, you prefer to descend under the hill, and not climb the mountain. But sometimes you can lift up the mountain, if you think that you need it. Your goal is to descend as low as possible — in

If you just save the strength, going only down, then get into some kind of valleys. But it is not at all the fact that it will be the deepest valley. You can easily get stuck on a local minimum: the valley is quite deep so that it is difficult to get out of it, but not at all the deepest valley of the landscape that you will not be destined to find.

The Rebus model is some

And here the psychedelic comes to the rescue.

As soon as the psychedelic action stops, the energy landscape will return to the usual state with unlighted hills. But by that time, the bug will be:

If you compare the scheme illustrating the process of relaxation and anarchization of the brain under the action of psychedelic with the metaphor of the energy landscape in the process of minimizing the variational free energy, such a picture will turn out.

The first and obvious consequence of a decrease in the brain dependence under the influence of psychedelics from preliminary expectations —

For example, with visual perception, the brain seems to forget about the limitations of his experience. And if in the usual state of the brain knows that the people of people cannot be seen in the sky. That removal such a restriction, the brain begins to recognize people in the clouds of people. And the disconnection of the restrictions of the auditory perception allows the brain to interpret the noise of trees, as the whisper of the heaven who span it to fly to the sky.

So born

Remember how Pierre Duhov suddenly laughed in the winter night?

«Pierre stood out of his new comrades and went between the fires on the other side of the road, where, he was told, they stood prisoner soldiers. He wanted to talk to them. On the road, the French hour stopped him and ordered it to grind … Suddenly he walked his thick, good-natured laugh.

XA, XA, XA! — Laughing Pierre. And he said out loud himself with himself: «Soldiers did not let me. Caught me, locked me. Captive keep me. Who me? Me? Me is my immortal soul! XA, XA, XA! .. XA, XA, XA! .. — He laughed with tears speaking.

Formerly loudly sheltered campfire and the talk of people, a huge, endless Bivak subsided; Red fires of fires swell and pale. High in a light sky stood full month. Forests and fields, invisible before the location of the camp, opened now away. And further than these forests and the fields were visible light, fluctuating, inviting endless distance. Pierre glanced into the sky, deep into the outgoing playing stars. «And all this is mine, and all this in me, and all this is me! — thought Pierre. — And all this they caught and planted in the Balagan, the fallen boards! » («War and Peace», IV, 2, XIV).

In addition to hallucinations, a psychedelic decrease in the brain dependence on preliminary expectations entails and other practical consequences in changing consciousness. Without going into particular the various modified states, it can be said that they are united by a common property — the brain seems to be moving into mode

And since such states are accompanied by a complex of neurophysiological and neurochemical changes in the work of the brain, the consequence may be the strongest emotional background. A person can simply break down from the feeling of bliss. Or, on the contrary, it can be sausage from the strongest tosquet and hopelessness.

The authors of Rebus also note that such neurochemical consequences can be used in the good purpose of psychedelic therapy. They call about a dozen diagnoses when

With such disorders, the new information cannot change the already existing ideas about the specific aspect of reality. Strong a priori beliefs suppress new information before she can break through to high levels of hierarchy and update anything there.

No less interesting than the use of psychedelic therapy, perspective

But this, albeit very tempting, but so far only theoretical perspective. But what is already real, so this is the use of psychedelics for breakthroughs to «Visionern experiences» — intellectual takeoffs (insights) to absolutely new vision and understanding of something.

This phenomenon is common to both types of modified states of consciousness — psychedelic trips and meditation. And therefore we will discuss «Vizier’s experiences» in the 3rd, final part of this post dedicated to meditation.

In the 3rd part will be told about the following

In addition, the 3rd part of the post will have an overlap.

▶ ️ Try to understand how psychedelics and meditation are associated with the presence of a unique property in people —

▶ ️ To comprehend the hypothesis gaining supporters that

Well, in the conclusion of a story about a unified model to explain the effects of psychedelic drugs Rebus

Already published (but still did not have time to undergo review) work

I also have only to bring here the last slide of this presentation illustrating a tempting spectrum of practical application perspectives

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