Proactive intelligence and cyberrafts will become the basis of US pressure on China and Russia

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The priority of the US National Security Strategy, adopted in 2017, announced

Almost two months of the presidency of Byyden, as the answer to this question was formulated.

And first of all, in the technologies of proactive intelligence and cybergigue.

Such a position




No less important is the position of mature on the issue of the US geopolitical confrontation with China and Russia. He believes as if

Both options are a new Manhattan project or simply stupidly «rejuvenate» China and Russia, — with the appointment of matinics are relevant.


And China fears the 2nd option. According to experts of the most influential

In any case, Mr. Q At the post of chief technologist of National Security of the United States is serious.

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