Operation «American Briarch»

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

In the heading

This novel is a very deep metaphor of the last 30 years of our story, reminding us that the roots always hide the plumps of Veshkov. Until now, the only successful metaphor of the newest Russia, I saw Roman Alexei Ivanov «Baddance». How well formulated Dmitry Bykov, this novel is a country metaphor, in which there is no one to lean, the country that lost myth, rod. The metaphor of Roman Alexander Pavlyukova is completely different and, as it seems to me, even more and sad.

And each of the heroes of the novel — the main and episodic, in addition to their main role in a detective intrigue, plays a common metaphorical role of a representative of one of the estate, unchanged in Russia in any social and political strict and economic structure.

«Sovereign people»

«Russian merchants»

For there has never been here and there is no main thing — the real market. And without it there are no classes and their relationship, there is no judicial system, instead of money financial resources, and even no corruption, but there is only a class relationship. And no invaluable mobility — each vassal acts as a landowner in relation to the subordinate vassal.

In scientific uniform, this is an inecilious device of Russia excellent

At the same time, no bloody horrors — they remained in the distant post-revolutionary past, when a certain Krasnogwarder killed the grandfather of the hero — Kaluga merchant Konovalov. Nowadays, everything again fell into place and all the heroes of the novel after the adventures laid according to the genre in the end get the desired. Smirnov-Jr. — I liked a sexy waitress, villain — the desired legality, an elderly detective — a new and bread work, a veteran-special forces — desired peace and a reliable roof over his head. And the main character seeking to fulfill the last will of his father seems to achieve his own. However, it is not for sure. I think, Alexander Pavlyukov was not mistaken, leaving the open finale. We live in Russia …

All this, in my opinion, guarantees that you read the novel to the end. And more than — you will not regret the time spent. And how many recognizable novels leaving the bestsellers leave a pleasant and smart aftertaste? Unfortunately no.

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