Open the formula of non-permissibility of leaders

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Most recently it was believed that universal laws describing the physical, biological and social processes can not be, because Physical objects are dead, biological — alive, and social is not enough that alive, but also with a nonora free will thousands of thousands and millions of participants).

The development of science shows that it is not:

✔️ Universal laws exist;

✔️ they are formulated even easier than the Great in their simplicity physical law E = Mc²;

✔️ But understand this simplicity (why completely different complex systems are described by the same formulas), alas, it is very difficult.

Here is a great example.

Almost everything in the world can be extended: people and animals, universities and countries, words and genes. Ratings of the richest and most famous people, the most powerful supercomputers and the most expensive companies, etc. etc.

The rating reduces the number of parameters for the evaluation of elements of complex multi-parameter systems to a single — key parameter for which the ordered list is lined up. This parameter captures the suitability or ability of each element to perform the appropriate functions: in a specific sport or profession, in politics or economics, business or art.

However, in nature and in society, among the living and non-living, primitive and reasonable, no ranking is eternal. It is constantly changing over time. This dynamics can manifest themselves across microseconds to centuries, be fast and slow, uniform (the same for all parts rating) or not very.

The century of research revealed patterns in the ranking lists, both in nature and in society, when the data is aggregated over time. However, it is much less known about the ranking dynamics when the elements change their rank in time.

To fill this gap, the authors of the new research

At these examples, the authors managed to establish that two main mechanisms — changing the place in the ranking and replacing the element of the rating — enough to understand and quantify the universal ranking dynamics.

The authors found that

Built by the authors, the model reveals two modes of the speakers of rating lists: a quick mode in which long-term rank changes are predominant, and a slow mode controlled by diffusion elements.

The results of the study show that the balance between stability and adaptability, which characterizes the dynamics of any complex systems, can be regulated by random processes regardless of the parts and characteristics of each system.

Wonderful example of a new mathematics of social systems formally describing

But what is especially important — right after all and the opposite.

Many will say — the same and so obvious: it is enough to look at the decades of non-permissibility of persons in the New Year TV programs.

However, no apparent apparent obviousness is far from the same thing with the formal mathematically formulated proof of the triumph of the total clan in society.