On the control of the Internet superpower one

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Unknown post Facebook report [

But it’s not at all.

The report discusses:

But as you should understand, the world network is not exhausted by Facebook, and there are many network influences.

China’s network control tactics is not based on social bots. Based on the mass coordinated activity of the colossal army of trolls

The number of this army exceeds

The dual army of professional and mass Internet trolls is also managed by a dual control system from two regional networks: cyberspace teams and PDA propaganda departments.

China’s network control strategy stands on 3 whales

Until last year, the strategy and tactics of network influence were mainly focused on the local Internet of China. Now everything changes. [

The most powerful system of network influence of PDAs on public opinion began global expansion.

Her goal is to capture power in international discussions. This is a very serious threat to the economic security, political stability and personal security of citizens of many countries of the world.

To oppose something such a huge network army, the following ingeniously simple, but extremely effective strategy will be difficult.

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