New understanding of evil and crimes in «Cyberculture 2.0»

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

What is understood under the crime depends on the Criminal Code of the country. Also with the concepts of good and evil, — their interpretation is different in different cultures. But there is a class of acts, still understood as an unambiguous evil and a crime in most cultures and criminal codes — sexual violence against children. At least it was so before. And soon it will be different.


In order for special money to catch Deltsov who earn in cybergruming, they need access to chat rooms about sexual violence against children in Darknet. For access, it is required to have a «commodity» — with its video of child violence. And this product should be steep and unique. But where to take it?

And deep fakes on what!

The second legislative innovation is no less cool.

Ie By Suti:

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