Jaggernaut China

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

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More than half a century of the United States were No. 1 in technology. Only they were able to fly to the moon and give the world such an epoch invention as the Internet and iPhone.

Washington watched China’s technological progress through the prism of military science, worrying about superiority over China in defense capability. But the problem was much wider. China’s desire to technological superiority is directed not easy to receive advantage of the battlefield —

China was the first to foresee the world of competition between the great powers in which it is not necessary to shoot. And launched into this world

China believes that the digital infrastructure is the battle of tomorrow. But then comes and the day after tomorrow. And the next battle will most likely be a battle of biotechnology. However, in contrast to China, biotechnology is not considered a priority in the US government. The US Department of Defense does not show much interest in them, because the United States (and not only!) Signed an agreement on refusal of biological weapons.

China, in addition to the priority of biotechnology, a special look at bioethics.

It will be very difficult, but still possible

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