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On the first two radical innovations, explosively increased the association of the agents of the hypersette culture of the exchange of thoughts and infootics between them, was told in


Mnogich will surprise the approval of Derek Freyman, which was submitted to the epigraph, that the peak of radical transformation in the understanding of the evolution of people was reached another quarter of a century ago — in the mid-1990s. But this is true.

✔️ first breakthrough explanation

✔️ second breakthrough concept

In the opening cycle of the monograph «

According to this evolutionary concept:

Genetic information

«Metaphorically it can be said that the line of genetic information communicates with the environment, and the most» successful «results of such communications are frozen in the genome … so the characteristics of organisms that contribute to their fitness, that is, allowing the organisms to survive and multiply in this environment, distributed over time, being recorded genetic information «[

Neron-cultural information

Combined neural-cultural information can be transmitted between individuals and the environment, as well as from one individual to another by observing or communicating in real time.

Third line information —

Throughout the history of living matter on earth, the source of information was only

This can be illustrated by the following schedule.

For example.

From the above examples, it can be seen that the plexus of various information lines coming from different sources is definitely not specified. And in case of participation in the decision-making of neural networks of deep training (where now without them), the plexus of information is not only not specified, but also unknown the criteria for this plexus.

In the received info-tall, it is already impossible to accurately determine all sources of source information, as well as trace the nature and degree of its intricacy

Recall that according to the theory of Merlin Donald about cognitive evolution, the process of the formation of an individual reason goes beyond the brain of the individual, becoming part of the cooperative cognitive work of distributed cognitive networks.

The effect of infoity in such networks extremely complicates circular causal relations between

Today, after a quarter of a century after the publication of the works of Suzanta Gunatilayik about the concept of «United Evolution» (Merged Evolution), the first of the two fundamental ideas of this concept — about a wide range of relationships between culture, the brain and the human genetics, the mainstream of science entered mainstream. By producing a «cultural revolution» in cognitive science, this idea lay down in the foundation of several new interdisciplinary areas of scientific research: from

However, the second fundamental idea of the Merged Evolution concept is about participating in the mergers of three information current lines and two classes of technology, — not only did not enter the mainstream of science, but in general, few people are known today.

I suppose the reason for this is that

In just 2-3 years after the publication of the works of Suzanta Guntilike and Merlin Donald, as a result of a number of breakthrough discoveries and innovations in the field of information technology, it began that they simply forgot about these works.

After all, in the 90s to see the upcoming merge of three information current lines and two classes of technology, it was necessary to anticipate the tectonic processes that later led to this merger — three transformation of culture that occurred in the 21st century (see




During the next publication of the works of Merlin Donald and Suzantta Guntilayik of the two decades:

There are three transformation of culture in parallel with this (see

Summarize the causes of the formation of an algocognitive culture, the structure of its elements and the basic techno-social processes that have been launched by it, changing the course of cognitive evolution, is possible by such a picture.

This will finish the consideration of the third radical innovation of the algocognitive culture — info-published. Together with the new mechanism of the implicit exchange of thoughts (digital stighergia) and new methods (viral and «radioactive») mass «social infection», infoapulcy radically changes the infosphere of humanity.

The flows of genetic, neuron-cultural and exosomatic information forming the basis of the foundations of civilization began to merge, generating new information unprecedented properties.

As a result of these changes, passing three transformations for a quarter of a century, the traditional culture of the exchange of the ideas of cognitive communities turns into an algocognitive. And already within the framework of this new culture, three tectonic techno-social processes began to be formed.

About how these processes may affect the course of the socio-cognitive evolution of Homo Sapiens, turning people in inforns, will be told in the next post of the series «Algocognitive culture».

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