How could there be an Internet without Google and Facebook

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Many of us are spent on the network for about half of time. And more and more, and the share of time in the network is also growing. Do we like the network device? Yes and no. Convenient of course. But at the same time, we are increasingly realizing that all information flows are from search engines to social networks, are manipulated with machine learning.

How thinly noticed Ruma Benjamin —

Such work has already begun. For example, in

I do not hide, so far Idpi and similar teams have more questions than answers. Not so easy to overcome in the imagination of stereotypes of the already established digital infrastructure.

But here is an example of the direction that IMHO, you need to develop in every way.

Creating a new online gallery called

You can view and search in Rijksstudio by genres, dates or artists. And you can browse the paintings in a row just for fun. All photos of paintings in high quality.

The collection contains more than 2000 paintings of the Golden Age of Holland, written by famous artists, such as Jacob Van Reydal, France Hals, Johannes Vermeer, Yang Style, Rembrandt and Pupils Rembrandt.

Each of the scanned pictures, photographs and drawings contains detailed information about the subject and artist, as well as some story, for example, when and where it was purchased.

Let me remind you that the British Museum in

Similarly, in my opinion, a network digital space for public goods should be built. Why, for example, do not attach to similar online gallery engines of social communications.

Thanks for watching! Put husky I.