Great feeding 2.0 broke the techno giants of China

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The West has not yet thought about the consequences of the new course of the SI chairman for the United States and Europe. Instead, Western experts prefer to guess whether the course will lead to the «Universal Prosperity of the Chinese People» only to braking, or he promises the collapse of the Chinese economy.

Unlike the West, in China, everyone understood everything. Will braking, collapse or something else — while the big question is. But now the PDA is ready to trample every disagreement with the new strategy of the SI chairman in dust. And the Communist Party has all the opportunities to do it even with the most famous, rich and influential magnates of the techno industries.

That is why technological magnates lined up in the «World Internet 2021 World Conference» (September 26-28), to declare his support for the policy of President Xi Jinping, aimed at «Universal Prosperity». Little of. Techno-magnates made the approval of a regulatory attitudes on the digital sector breaking the Chinese Knee Market.

How this formulated

The techno-magnates of the United States are also ready to tap, following China’s new course. The General Directors of Tesla, Intel and Qualcomm, speaking at the World Internet Conference on Internet 2021, expressed their readiness to support China’s digital transformation.

said at the opening of the conference

The leaders of the Giant Chinese online game market, which the authorities left the rink, merged without signs at least some struggle for their interests.

Authorities dictate them strict measures aimed at curbing what the CCP calls

When in 2017 Si Jinspin was re-elected by the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party, the State Agency written about it.

Since then, it has been called the «Great Reformer» and «Basic Tipper».