Evolutionary switcher of good and evil

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

It is not yet known that the switch translated the evolutionary trajectory of our distant ancestors to the path of evolution, making us people (and at the same potentially superphant look). I stated my version in an unpublished book

According to my hypothesis, it was enough to evolution (or creativity invented by me in the development of ideas

The essence of this decision (with the words of the leader invented by me) was as follows.

«The essence of the» Paradox of Good «is that embodying its individuals will be at the same time one of the least and most aggressive species. The least aggressive they will be with respect to «their own.» And the most aggressive, — in relation to «strangers». Unlike most animals, in their daily relations with the nearest environment («») they will be tolerant, benevolent, friendly and non-aggressive. But at the same time, they will be extremely aggressive to all «strangers», significantly more often and more efficient than other species, killing «strangers». And making it with much greater cruelty and ingenuity. «

Such a decision of the paradox in favor of «good», according to the heuristic hypothesis argued in my texts, could be enough to work the «evolutionary arrow», translating the evolution path to another path.

The new switching «arrows» will now not require tuning of the settings of the internal and external aggression of people. Yes it is impossible already, according to open

However, the new decision of the «Paradox of Good» (this time, in favor of «evil») is possible, due to the cardinal replacement of the media habitat of people.


The result of the joint action of the two named factors on the decision of the «Paradox of Good and Evil» in favor of the latter you can see in only the released 8 min. Little studio Dust «Happy Hunting»: to gain 50 million subscribers, a popular video block drive is broadcast with a distant planet, trying to beat the record of 4 consecutive killings of infected settlers. And he succeeds, although far from the most pleasant way.

Attention: it is not for the faint of 18+.

The film is not inferior to the best series of «Black Mirror». And as one of the reviewers noticed: