Delta is able to form in Russia «Spiral of Death»

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Indian variant of coronavirus (option «Delta» or in 1.617.2):

These properties of the delta have two very unpleasant effects:

Official data, what is the share of delta in Russia, no. But if you follow more than once justified

There are many non-immune and partly immune, which creates an ideal medium of multiple cycles of infection for the virus. New mutations are trying to infect people repeatedly until strains are formed, capable of massively infecting those who have already gotten, and those who have already become.

Regarding the consciousness that such collective behavior of the population shall like people to ants creating so-called. «Spiral of Death.»


It would seem that people living in Russia are much wise of ants. But the force of an example is the «pursuit of the track», which is left in front of the Cake dissidents, is still stronger than the mind, leading all the population of Russia to the «Spiral of Death».