Cold War began

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Speaking on Thursday at the Politico Ai Summit Summit, Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intellect and Former Google Director General, said the US Urgently

It is unacceptable to allow China to invent new key breakthrough technologies in the field of AI, Schmidt believes. «

Already 2 month Schmidt publicly calls for the US to raise the priority of fighting

And 2 days after the Schmidt call to stop China’s breakthrough to technological leadership, China made a response.

On Saturday, China

The new law limits the export of controlled goods, which will allow China to act against countries that they are damaged by the interests of China, state media reports.

In short, the cold war of the 21st century began.


The fact is that the export blacklist includes not only companies — «national enemies», but also those who have been cooperating with them anyway. And it is worth a Russian company to be seen in the alert or N / t. Cooperation with the American company, which China is not unprincipled — this Russian company can be entered into a black list of Chinese export ban.

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