China technoavoritarianism became global

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл


✔️ total surveillance is an essential element of social control.

✔️ Implement in your country Chinese surveillance technologies by connecting to Chinese technological ecosystems.

Yesterday, Foreign Affairs formulates it so.

Never before in history, China was not an alternative West with a source of positive samples for the world — political, technological, moral or intellectual.

Now the project of the «Digital Silk Road» becomes such a sample.

If the United States (and no one else is capable of moving here with China) will not offer an alternative sample, the sample of China is simply an automatic will be perceived by 80% of the world’s population (from South America to Russia).

And in order to create such an alternative sample, the United States should reform its own methods of observation, protect the confidentiality and safety of citizens and, working with allies, to establish global standards in the field of technologies in compliance with human rights.

Start the United States should be stopped to stop noodles on the ears of the world, as if confronting the United States and China in the field of technological ecosystems is a struggle with evil.

This is neither an alternative to the invasion of Chinese techno-authoritarianism. It is about the same evil (well, maybe not such a bottom, like China, but also not good).

An alternative will be, if first the United States will put order in itself. And only then with this alternative to the United States can stop the spread of Chinese techno-authoritarianism in the world.

About the confrontation of the United States and China, as well as about the place in it in Russia and Ukraine, I spoke yesterday in an interview with the CRT channel.

The fact that China will be the only superpower — my interview with Dmitry Solodin canal.

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