China introduces a monopoly on cyberoraza

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Cybershpionage and cyberrorism in the next decade will be the main manifestation of the expansion of cybervan between the United States, China and possibly Russia.

Local cyberwan will be much, and they will be extremely diverse. But the basis of all of them will be the race in the superiority of their cyber tag over the enemy.

Unlike the «Racing of armor and shells» of ordinary wars, in cyberwords — this is the race of opponents, one of which is trying to detect and correct their vulnerabilities (cybersecurity bars), and the other seeks to detect and use these vulnerabilities of the first.

Success in such a race, as in the shootouts of American Westerns, — those who shoot faster. However, the cardinal difference is that one of the parties may not know that the other is already shooting.

Intelligence and military use these knowledge for their own purposes from time immemorial. As soon as the «state hackers» find any new vulnerabilities in the software, they, not informing this manufacturers of software, begin to use them for their own purposes.

Special value here have

However, in the USA in 2017 when Obama under pressure from human rights defenders and the public was adopted

Well, now, in fact, the shock news.

China’s compartment watched — looked at all this democracy and decided:

In China, simply and clearly: said — Made. The Chinese Cyberspace Administration has developed new rules (law) on the disclosure of vulnerabilities, which will come into force on September 1.

According to this law:

In short, any specialist in China must report on the foundation found to the government, and the authorities themselves will decide how and when to fix it (or not to correct).

That. As long as the US government flies with the public, trying to observe the transparency, and control over vulnerabilities to preserve, the CCP decided to radically, declaring the state by a monopoly regulator of all information about new vulnerabilities.

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In China, they will enter into force on the same day on September 1, when there