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22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

A series of new studies suggests that with a different trajectory of evolution, men could become super-athletic

But did not come around, the evolution went on otherwise.

And all because women prefer not beautiful, but smart.

Although science has not yet given an unequivocal explanation to the origin of the mind, but one of the hypotheses suggests that the unique mental abilities of people — the result

Genetic reprogramming of sex selection

Evolutionary mechanisms explaining the inheritance of signs important for sexual selection are very complex and Vitivati. Not only a sign of males (type, long tail), but also the preference of females (the tendency to choose partners with a long tail). If, as a result of the female drift, the long tails of males are beginning to be a significant share in the population, the long unit becomes evolutionary. The females become profitable to choose long-tailed, as their offspring will also be long-tailed and will get more chances for the continuation of the kind. As a result, the randomly thrown long tail becomes a useful and important factor in evolution.

About the art of seduction from people written a lot of interesting

But still, people are too complex in their motivation and behavior to trace how sexual selection (the art of seduction) changes the genetics of the species. And she, in turn, reprogram the appearance, physiology and behavior of individuals in the following generations.

As a result of the most severe sexual selection, Manakina reached absolute perfection in the art of seduction. Their dance, accompanied by cotton wings up to 60 times per second, acrobatic jumps with instant flip back — masterpiece class Mikhail Baryshnikov (watch video).

To extract it, the brain, signal paths and muscles of birds should have changed greatly to provide super-fast movements. And additional energy was obtained by changing the diet with insects to fruits. The genetics then took up sociality: some species dance is also a social act coordinating up to 20 males. The result was social sophistication and unsurpassed athleticism.

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