All the most up-to-date and necessary information about the status of AI in 2020

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл


Once a year, they produce a unique report on the current state of affairs in the field of AI of this quality (the depth of penetration in the subject * Focusing on the main thing * Vision behind the forest trees) that all industrial analysts, consultants and profacperts can continue for the third year nervously smoking on the side ( And smoking, rewrite your reports 😎).

At the end of the report, as well as past times, specific

Giving a summary of perfectly performed work is meaningless — everyone will find here interesting and necessary for their taste.

I also remain as a tizer, lead according to one of the conclusions of each of the 4 thematic sections of the report.




Socio-political aspects

My story Ob.

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