AI can solve the problem of bad roads and cutting budgets for their repair.

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

In the 21st century rock total surveillance with AI imagine. Fight with a big brother, supervising all the new aspects of people’s life, meaningless. One way or another, but the Company will have to put up with all new applications of a large brother, allowing the state to control each: on the roads, in transport and houses, moving or standing, speaking or silent … For it facilitates the state total control over the actions and intentions of people, as well as Allows the state to receive income from fees with people for violations that the state is beneficial to consider violations (after all, in the digital world, people are new oil).

But there is a way out.

Here is a great example ready to introduce at least tomorrow AI system, which is relevant for Russia.

As you know, in Russia three troubles:

Developed by the University of Queensland and Logan City Council in Australia II System

When using Roadatlas, let’s say a certain public association of citizens (equipped with their three cameras) can be achieved by the following.

✔️ to identify the facts of theft on the cuts of budgets during repair, which is not needed or low-priority.

✔️ identify the facts improper execution by the authorities of its functions when specific areas of experts requiring, according to the conclusion of AI, emergency repair.

It remains to add that in Roadatlas the authors decided not only purely functional tasks, but also provided for solving the problems of personal data confidentiality (automatic rubbing on images of state leaders in the focus of car cameras).