15 subversive innovations, which will change the world

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл


As an illustration of the faithfulness of the first, I will give such an argument.

How not to listen to the recommendations of those who manages the three most effective exchange investment funds (ETF) in the world (over the past year, three and five years) investing in promising industries. For example, ETF Ark Innovation (Arkk) for 2020 increased by 170%, and its net assets increased from $ 2 billion to $ 17.8 billion due to the active influx of customer funds.

The second will illustrate such an example.

For the first time in more than half a century, the existence of the term AI, the leader of dizzying investments Ark Investment makes a bet not on beautiful fairy tales about the AI and its coming superiority over people (techno-pecularity).

Yes, and the term II (AI) is mentioned only as the «ancient progenitor» of the true king among the kings of subversive innovations —

The lion’s share of colossal economic value will bring only three classes of subversive innovations:

In conclusion, a complete list of 15 subversive innovations, which will change the world, and where the investment rivers flow.

Digital wallets



Electric vehicles


Platforms Works


Orbital Aerospace Industry

3D printing

Long-term sequencing of genome

Multi-Cancer Screening

Cell and gene therapy 2.0

About each subversive innovation in

Mass infographic and dashing forecasts (type,

In general, fantastically interesting and informative.

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