Years after 100 main ones will not be people

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Their joint in yesterday’s interview «Global trends reprove humanity» (1.5 hours) breaks the dogmatics of modern mainstream of academic science about man and humanity.

Here is the most important of the first 15 minutes of this interview.

The world entered the new era of absolute unpredictability. This unpredictability is a consequence of such cardinal changes in the evolutionary path of Homo Sapiens, which were simply not there.

The scale and consequences of the changes begun are incommensurable with any revolution in the history of people. For not only economics, politics or technologies will change, and the people themselves: their body, brain, mental structure of the mind. Even with the most cardinal changes in the history of mankind, Homo Sapiens always remained themselves. Now it is starting to change our appearance.

After 1-2 centuries, the Earth will be populated by creatures, much more different from us than we are from Neanderthal and even from chimpanzees. After 4 million years of organic evolution, it passes (in whole or in part) into the form of inorganic.

It doesn’t matter what part of the new creatures that they go to the change of people will be inorganic. It is important that they will be fundamentally different from them. These already have no 100% of biological hybrid intelligence carriers, solutions will be accepted by algorithms.

The complexity of socio-technical systems has achieved a level, unbearable for people. Algorithms have two absolute advantages to overcome this limitation of people.

«Small advantage» is that algorithms, in contrast to people, are free from noise. People make decisions in which there are many prejudices and noise. Noise is the instability of solutions in space (among different people) and in time (when a person decides exactly in the same situation). This leads to such, for example, that the instability of solutions from insurance companies in determining the insurance premium is 55% (although companies thought that only 10%). In other words, everywhere, where people decide, their decisions are clogged with noise, and this noise is always more than people think (for more details, see Caneman’s book «

Even imperfect algorithm is able to give a more accurate decision than a professional person. This «small advantage» is enough to transmit the solution to algorithms. But there are also «big advantage» of algorithms — their ability to find hidden patterns in large data not available to analyzes.

In this new world, representatives of the outgoing nature are biological people — not only will not be able to independently make decisions, but will become increasingly subjected to manipulation by algorithms.

I would like to hope that these 8 points of the tisser will be able to make many of his readers to see all 1.5 hours of this wonderful interview.

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