Why Russia Outsiders in AI

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The reasons for the significant lag of Russia in the field of AI are several. First of all, it is a non-competitive business environment, a common business climate, country risks and a downed government priority sight. But not only.

I will venture to assume that one of the main reasons is also

And to check this hypothesis is quite simple. It is enough to compare the media model on AI in RuNet with a media reception of an English-speaking and Chinese-speaking Internet.

Here is a test case

Report of the Stanford Center for Man-Oriented AI (HAI)

In the post about this report, I

The media of the whole world (except Russia) has perceived this report.

What is the reason for such a blatant feature of the Runet mediastile, it remains only to guess.

But the fact is obvious. Russian journalists and bloggers, professionals and society are not interested in the most discussed topic of Anglo and Chinese Internet in the COMPUTER SCIENCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, COMPUTERS AND SOCIETY.

What is the news in RuNet on request — machine learning?

Here is the Yandex news of this request.

I.O. Rector of Izhevsk State University spoke about the interuniversity cooperation, training in Innopolis and projects related to artificial intelligence.

Forecasting and consumption of electricity — the unique features of the new digital solution from infopro and Analyticshub.

How does FINTEK use the AI and why he need supercomputers.

For technological circles of Russia, educational programs for NTO profiles have created.

Russian schoolchildren will create smart assistants for teachers at the «Figure Lesson» on artificial intelligence

I believe it is enough to compile an idea of the media-track of the Runet (in the Google News Issue is almost the same).

But maybe at least in the academic environment otherwise?

Unfortunately no.

Here is the video of the round table of academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the subject of «scientific problems of artificial intelligence» on September 21, 2021

Moderator Discussion Academician K.V. Anokhin very accurately formulated the goal of the discussion.

Dear academicians answered this question 2+ hours. But Foundation Models were not mentioned among the most important trends.

It turns out that in the research agenda of the Russian Academy of Sciences of this crucial topic.