Why China was able to catch up with the USA, and could Russia could repeat

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

This is the first important work, published by banal questions — why China is catching up with the United States in the field of AI. For the answer is already understandable and a hens — China develops in this area strongly faster than the United States.

The analysis is not performed on the knee. It is based on the 15th series of field interviews. And the theoretical base of the analysis of good — t

The research does not give a long advantage.

In the AI data and talents are more important than patents.

The Chinese market contributes to the introduction and improvement of AI.

In China, a strong policy of promoting AI and weak privacy rules.

Maximum for a few more years. Next (a) universities with the government with the government, and not with the business (b) an unstable business environment, which prefers applied research and (c) is not enough fundamental level of research culture, China will slow down in the development of AI.

If everything is as it is, then no. Reasons at least four:

✔ Russian market so far does not contribute to the introduction and improvement of AI.

✔️ business environment instability is even higher than in China


✔️ Similar to China university links with the government, and not with business.

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