Who will win if the US War is with China?

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Four-star Admiral James Stavridis (former Glavovkur Nato) believes that if everything goes as it goes, then in 15 years in 15 China will simply smear the US in the nearest wall. In a newly published geopolitical thriller about an imaginary military clash between the United States and China in the South China Sea in 2034 «

In Reviews, Jim Mattis says:

Reading the novel, should be remembered. Admiral Stavridis is familiar with the position of affairs, like no other. And he is not a panicker at all, — 30 years old on the highest military posts and a bunch of awards, incl. Silver star, bronze star for valor and purple heart.

In the descriptive-motivative part of the article, the admiral reduces the balance of forces in 5 key articles, if the US War and China will occur soon.

1) US military budget is more than 3+ times ($ 733 billion against $ 213). But this apparent advantage. For China has no high personnel costs, and a significant part of China’s expenses does not appear «in the public field.»
Therefore, here, approximately 1: 1

2) China is already ahead of the United States in the number of warships (their, approximately 300-350). But the American military fleet is more on tonnage, equipped with the best offensive and defensive systems and is equipped with much more experienced crews.
So here the USA is still ahead.

3) Geography in favor of China. If a potential conflict occurs in the South China and East Chinese seas, long-lasting supply chains and human resources databases will reduce the benefits of American forces.

4) Allies in the USA are good: Japan, Australia, South Korea and Singapore. But China has Russia and Iran. And who, from the allies he behave, is unknown.

5) Most importantly — technology. The United States is still leading in the technologies for suppressing submarines, the number of military satellites, offensive and defensive cyber instruments and autonomous weapons. But China quickly catches, especially in the field of military AI, hypersonic winged rockets, cyberspace operations and a new range of quantum computing.
Those. And then a small and gradually melting advantage of the United States.

In the operative part of Admiral Stavridis asks the question —

Cautions Admiral Stavridis are aimed at helping the world to avoid such events. It is so important that Wired magazine even laid out most of the novel into open access.

It is useful to know all readers.