«Wedding in hell» of the United States and China will not take place

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Published final text

Each of the 740 pages of his text will be carefully analyzed and commented. But the main geopolitical thesis of the report is its key promise and conclusion, is already clear. For it is formulated by Schmidt and Works in the introductory word.

A year ago, when the commission of Eric Schmidt was just beginning to write this report, Schmidt incognito allowed leakage. In the pre-New Year Essay Graham Allyson «Is China will win America in the struggle for AI superiority?» (about which I told

1) China does not just catch up with the USA. In many segments (from recognition and fintech to drones and 5G), it has already overtaken. And in the coming years, China’s leadership in the AI will be absolute. This is an objective reality, not recognizing which is short-sighted and extremely dangerous.

2) The determination of China to become No. 1 in the world in AI goes beyond the scope of economic interests. This is a critical factor of preserving the self-adjusting PDAs over 1.4 billion of their citizens. Therefore, for the CCP, the AI is an existential priority.

3) The US and China are aware of the presence of only 2 possible scenarios of the future:

4) The only alternative to the global catastrophe is the adoption by the democratic world of the West of the new Chinese sample of the Company’s device — a global big brother (GBB).

5) However, the GBB scenario is incompatible with the culture of the West, which value the confidentiality of the above security, which does not trust the government and suspiciously related to the government. Therefore, this scenario will be for Western democracies

Many influential persons in the United States leanned the fact that the GBB is beneficial and the United States as a new sample of the Company’s device. For it (1) decides the main problem of any modern state — opposition from the inside, and also can lead humanity to the «eternal world» (you can listen to

But that with the departure of Trump changed the direction of the rose of political winds in the highest echelons of power, or Schmidt with Warlov received a map-blanche from the new president — in any case, the result is unequivocal.

All 4 points are aimed at preventing the win of this race with China and do not allow the adoption by the democratic world of the West of the new Chinese sample of the Company’s device.

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