We understand the secret of the nature of the truth in the world of postcar

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

For decades, cast a cult film hero.

It has always been believed that yes. New studies convincingly prove — that is not.

Hundreds of years since the Epoch of Enlightenment, philosophers and scientists in search of truth have preferred with objective facts, not experiment.


The most powerful series of 15 studies, jointly conducted by the Four Universities of the United States and Europe, reveals the secret of the power of belief in the world of the global network of global network, social media, YouTube, Google and Facebook.

All Propaganda and Piara services, political technologists, journalists and bloggers, marketers and productologists need to be urgently rebuilt. To convince the masses in its rightness with the arrival of the wondrous new world of the Draft, you need quite differently.

✔️ and each of us should be hounded on the mustache. Do not drench the facts in social networks. And press the experience of my experiences: how these reptiles were mocked on you, like this radish you damaged, how this compass will take you, how these wets are deceived, etc. And gain power to convince.

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