We must be prepared for even greater changes in societies, states and personalities.

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

This post is the continuation of my interview with Marina Tokareva.

• On the theory of cognitive evolution of a person, in which Merlin Donald still a quarter of a century predicted a «phase transition», which will change the trajectory of the evolution of people.
• On the dehumanization of the global media environment of humanity — the transition control of the hypersets of the collective mind from people to algorithms.
• About the new being, in which there is no absolute truth.
• On the algocognitive culture, in which the waves of informeysia simultaneously cover countries and continents, like a giant radioactive cloud.
• On the mechanisms of social media separating and polarizing any society for two irreconcilable tribes.
• On the transition of life on Earth from Anthropocene to NOVATOR.
• About James Lovelock that in 1942 Nursing Baby Stephen Hawking, in 1974 he became a member of the Royal Society of London, and in 2019 he celebrated his centenary Bestseller «Novaz».
• About why, on the hypothesis of the Lavlock, machine super-intellect and in Novatore will have to preserve people on Earth.

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Sergey, So futurologist Luciano Florida proposed the term in order to designate a new type of person: it will be called infor. Or is he already infor?

He is already infor.

Inforidas are people involved in the network of people and algorithms. They think differently, in a different way behave. And the fact that they are informements, changes the biology of their individual brain, is already a lot of work that they prove. It employs feedback, that is, algorithms already change our biology.

You can understand what the ratio of inforns and ordinary people is now?

Any person who is in everyday life and professional activity is immersed in the network — choose a new swimsuit with the help of the network, materials for abstract using the network, solves the problem, what to do with a child who behaves badly, with the help of a network, in any case Included in the network where people and algorithms work, already partly infor. The degree of «infoness» is determined by the degree of involvement in the new information environment. And there is every reason to believe that each new generation is now increasingly incorporated, increasingly immersed in its new nature. A man who burst into the screen of his smartphone is guaranteed to be in the new environment. Where, for the adoption of the most important solutions, half of the factors draws away from network knowledge, and not from life experience.

Serious practical studies have been carried out, which showed that in principle it is possible. Now it is possible with a probability of 60% a certain number of personal features within two months to change up to the opposite. While it can be done if the person himself is motivated and wants it to happen. But, as not yet published part of the study shows, in the future it can be circumvented (for more details, see

So you can improve without your consent?

Yes. I fully admit, if no insurmountable obstacles are detected, then after a few decades, it is not possible to reset the character on a given amount of qualities. Remember the Soviet experience.

Who — Genetics Belyaeva, who engaged in the removal of benevolent fox?

Oh sure. First of all, Academician Belyaeva. You simply can not imagine how much his experiments are amazing. After all, in fact, he convincingly proved (just no one wants to say about it, because it smells badly by Eugene and something even worse) that under the influence of changes from these foxes (see photos, there are many things), even appearance has changed!

The fact is that he began to withdraw them, selecting one criterion — the location of the person. And for 20 generations managed to make these foxes, black predators, absolutely kind. And then it turned out that some genes are tied with others, and genes that determine the location and friendliness of a person, they, roughly speaking, create a good creature. And those that make a good creature showed, turn creatures into the likeness of children. Adult foxes began to look like lysks from cartoons: sniffing, with white spots, with lop ears and tails — «bagels». And the latest fruits of Belyaev experiments are a generation of fun, friendly toys. He led these experiments thirty years, began in the early 1950s (see more detail

Why do we know so little about it?

Causes of two, and both terrible. The first: from experiences Belyaev it follows that the human biology (not psychology, namely biology) can be changed for a limited number of generations. His and British Researcher Jane Goodoll Calculations say: for some three hundred years you can make all humanity are kind, non-aggressive, like small children.

Goodoll explored chimpanzees. But is it really reliably?

I read a lot of serious scientific criticism of Belyaev experiments, although it began to appear literally in recent years. There is a lot of doubts. But the results of Belyaev’s experiments saw everything, and they are striking … When you see that with the change of just one character — friendly people, other creatures arise. You understand, because these are black foxes …

It’s very scary. And this is the first reason. And the second reason — these discoveries categorically contradicts the mainstream of modern science. It is impossible to evolution, according to the mainstream of modern science, press! It is impossible to go through two million years for two hundred and three hundred years. And Belyaev just wrote open text: Yes, you can! You can speed up the evolution, make it ten thousand times faster. And this may well mean that if some kind of tyrant, a new Hitler, Stalin, no matter who …

The one who possesses electronic power …

The fact is that Harari shares cyborg and biological and genetic modifications of future people. Both are possible. We are already cyborg, already the joints are inserted into us, the organs change, and with elements of exospkelets, people work on the auto-load. Biohaking is now one of the very — very advanced to invest areas, there are big money, and there are very serious achievements (for more details, see the video with the presentation «Mir Himer»).

Presentation slides can download

But, Harari believes that people can turn into Homo Deus, a similarity of the gods at the expense of a large intelligence that they will starve. And there are anti-dust predictions. According to them, only the units on Earth will have 99% of the equipment on which algorithms will work. And then indeed, these units will turn into literally in the gods, which with the help of algorithms will live long, richly and fun, while everything else is humanity

That whole capital in foreseeable dates will simply leak several people with computational power. Life on Earth will be determined by the fact that they make algorithms, as solved algorithms, and this, in turn, will depend on the equipment on which they will work and which will belong to the increasingly limited number of people and states. It is for them algorithms and will produce new biohaking means of extension of life, an increase in intellectual possibilities. The rest will be needed to maintain the temperature.

And why in Russia so little talk about it? The feeling is that our thought about the future rests exclusively to how many years old Vladimir Vladimirovich will still be edited. Why no public discourse, specialists? Or I don’t know them?

No, it’s not because you do not know them, there are really no.

Yes, not a little interests us! I repeat: as soon as the conditions of the environment, the social environment, the scientific environment, the most public discourse, will change, — everything will appear! Immediately wake up and starts to spy. If only the removal was removed and the asphalt did not rush each spring, as it is done with us.

And the rent in what?

This power has one-finance rental.

Perspective science is not funded, and the situation is now exactly the same as it was in Soviet times: go to work by the fireman, go to work on a vegetable base and write their work there.

Maybe this is done by the external intelligence service, we just do not know?

No, we know, and I know people who do it there, but they, like everyone else, honestly saw the budget. After all, when I’m talking about the pit, here is not only a whip, here is too big gingerbread. If, sorry, the Chancellor Shredder and the former Minister of Trade Austria go to work, then this is because it is very convenient to cut here, very beneficial.

You know, I am an evolutionist. And evolution has no optimism and pessimism. That, after the Caida, falls on us from the future, is unknown. After all, the process of algorithmization, the process of leaching people from production, physical, intellectual, all the processes that I spoke will objectively go and develop.

What they will fall out in society are hungry riots or new national socialism in our territory or a new civil war in the States, which remains quite likely — no one can say. Because, I repeat, technological and evolution trends decided. And how humanity will react to them, it will largely depend on the case. We entered the zone of evolutionary singularity, which only one quality — processes become unpredictable. Thus, ask me to make any forecast, frivolidly: maybe anything can happen.

And where is the place of poetry, music, art in all this? How will the nature of human creativity change, what will affect?

«I think it’s not going anywhere, she will also remain like all the evil and bad, which is in man.» The whole question is how it will be distributed in society and what niches it will take. It seems that the overall trend on the property bundle and in general, all sorts of stratification will continue. But the fact that, for example, the displacement of science, art in all directions (music, literature, theater, theater and cinema) can occur on the top platform of the elite and the transformation of society into a similar similarity of the First Roman Empire, possibly. If you try to throw some scenarios for the future in the past.

Another question is that human, as a humanitarian model, is the fruit of inclusion in the cognitive network. The existing culture is a culture of collective mind and distributed thinking in cognitive networks. How much the values and vision of the world, definitions of good and evil in the cognitive networks of a new type, where to take many decisions will not be people, but algorithms, we do not know. But it will change for sure.

That is, the ratio of good and evil and the formulation of the nature of these concepts will be revised?

Yes. And the decisive role in which direction it will be revised, it seems, belongs to algorithms.

How do algorithms come to solve? This is a question of the amateur, I understand, but he worries me.

those algorithms of machine learning, which we speak, differ in that they are a «black box», and understand how they come to the solution is impossible by definition. This is a man invented the game in the bone — it is impossible to guess it, as they will lie … Algorithms were also invented. Only in them the degree of uncertainty is even higher.

«This is apparently what Mask wants to fly to Mars.»

Absolute truth. Many of him are helpful and lucky, but at the same time the person is allegedly not quite distant, not everyone understands. But Ilon Mask understands very well what is happening on earth, he is very well focused on the questions we are discussing, you can believe me. And if you sit with a mask for a cup of whiskey, he will surely say to you: a phase transition to Earth occurred, a few decades left, if during this time I do not merge and do not get on the same Mars, you will come to humanity in one form or another, Even if the algorithms are not resetting us, and leave people to maintain the temperature.

Tell me, how exactly did you become a collector knowledge about modernity?

Since the late 80s, for a quarter of a century, I worked exclusively on American companies, and for such as IBM, Silicon Graphics, that is, the most-most advanced and advanced. And there was a unique opportunity to get acquainted with dozens and hundreds of people who are already engaged only to what they are interested. The vast majority of them opened their laboratories, scientific centers. I have all these connections. In recent years, I do what supporting contacts, «Various» in laboratories and scientific centers, which are engaged in issues of corrugist science.

Tell us about these laboratories.

Well, they always existed, but in the last twenty years their number just sharply jumping. I have already given an example of eight thousand fundamental theories, which can neither confirm nor refute (see

And it became clear that either you intersect in mainstream, or moving against the current. After all, in mainstream, the issuance of Google means there is more conclusion of the British Royal Academy of Sciences. If you are fifteenth in the issuance of Google, and in the ranking of the British Royal Academy of Sciences you are the third, you will still be fifteenth. And Mainstream becomes a way to make money. And if you want to do something really contiguous, you need to open your laboratories, create your startups. I also created, in the 2010 Supernight Startup «Vitology» (WOTOLOGY), invented by the so-called. Sytellectual crowdsourcing (for more details, see

So, supporting contacts with people outside the mainstream, I found himself in a unique network of startups and laboratories that are engaged exclusively by the overseas science. Well, and then I realized that I got on Wednesday of those research and knowledge that I now worry about most.

Can I have at least a few examples?

I can give you one example, which will be quite and very illustrative. There is such a person whose name is Karl Folon. This, in my opinion, the most wonderful mind of the XXI century, and I think that in the history of somewhere after 300 and 500 years will be remembered as Newton, Einstein, and maybe more abruptly.

How to explain to readers who he is?

Let’s start with what he has a formal status. He is the inventor of the most advanced methods of neurovalization of the brain used for functional MRI, and, in fact, everyone who goes to make FMRT brain, owes a freakon, he invented the whole mathematics. But besides, he is the author of the theory of life, the theory of mind. And the more remarkable freon: he comes out about one and a half …

Inhuman productivity?

Productivity Its from 400 to 480 articles per year. And the number one in the ratings of citation among neurobiologists. It formulated the so-called free energy principle, FREE Energy Principle, and on the basis of this principle in different laboratories (it cooperates with more than forty) make different things — from artificially modeling the conditions of life before modeling, for example, dreams. Or he also owns the most perfect and accurate model of epidemics. One of the most important issues (among the ingenious physicists, in 1943, Erwin Schrödinger puzzled), — What is life? Folon gave a response to him. He replied that such a mind, intelligence, answered the question of how to model unpredictable, how to give the most accurate forecasts of what is unpredictable. But this is another conversation.