We live in the coming prophecy of Strugatsky

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Ko «Day Strugatsky» (August 28, the eldest of the brothers was born — Arkady Strugatsky)

But Strugatsky had a third major theme. And she, in my opinion, is most relevant for humanity in the 2020s.

(The question delivered by Strugatsky on half a century before Harari)

Reflecting on this topic in their most difficult and therefore, not all of those who have understood novels, the Strugatsky brothers committed a visionary breakthrough across decades through a two-way prophecy:

But before talking about this materialized prophecy of the third main topic of Strugatsky, I will give the text of the mini-essa of Alexander Genis «

Occupying our childhood, they influenced the Soviet man more, and than Marx with Engels, and than Solzhenitsyn with Brodsky. Actually, they (not Brezhnev) and created a Soviet person as he experienced the change of countries and eras. All I love and read today, grew up on Strugatsky — and Pelevin, and Sorokin, and even fat. The power of the impulse emanating from them cannot be overestimated, because they are alone if you can say about the brothers, justified the fundamental myth of the regime poisoning. Strugatsky returned the meaning of Marxist utopia. Their fiction embodied the semi-forgotten thesis about the happy work. While the other sixties watched back — on the «Commissioners in the dusty helmets» (Okudzhava), Wilk — «Communism must be built not in stones, but in people» (Solzhenitsyn), or from below — «Remove Lenin from money» (Voznesensky), Strugatsky looked To the root, although he grew up from the future. Their symbol of faith was a work — a selfless and disinterested subbotnik, turning the weekdays to paradise, the average man — in the Communar, semi-bomb — in the demigod.

Such work reworked the world along the way, at the same time, for his real object was not matter, but consciousness. Transforming in the Favorosky light of communism, the hero of Strugatsky evolved from the book to the book, acquiring supernatural abilities and losing human traits. So it lasted until he finally broke away from Homo Sapiens to become «Ludom» — a new thing that had already frightened the authors of the creature, who had nothing to do not only with us, but also with the inhabitants of a bright future.

Every utopia, if it looks too closely, becomes your opposite.


Boris Strugatsky says so.

«It was an attempt of people who started the lives like the communists (not just the Communists, but the Communists-Stalinists) … And these two people, going through the 20th Congress, 22th Congress, the overthrow of Khrushchev, …, Czechoslovakia 1968, finally Come to such a state when they see:

Those. A completely unpromising picture was created.

And so we wrote a novel about how the person of our type, passing through the water, copper pipes, through all social formations, it hangs in the air in the air just as we themselves hung in the air, because we have ceased to understand what humanity should strive for. We stopped understood this by the mid-70s. «

That was what the novel was written

Andrei Voronin is a kind of conditional «Anatoly Chubais», forced, being in power, to balance in attempts, without losing his place, to understand the essence and purpose of the experiment on the society and influence what is happening to somehow stop rolling society in absurdity and screaming (while Voronin’s former like-minded people for the most part were occupied by the arrangement of secured life —

This novel Strugatsky opened a new main topic for them-

«Conditioned» became a fantastic visionary prophecy described in the early 70s experiment, which was destined to begin only after a couple of decades on 1/7 of the Sushi of the Planet.

And after that, the novel, just 5 years before the start of the experiment, was written the second novel of this topic

If the previous Roman Metathe is narrated about the search for the «man of our type» during the experiment in power, then in the 2nd novel we are talking about the colors of the «man of our type», which sakes the authorities, remaining the embodiment of the Russian intelligentsia — a history teacher. G.A. Nosov, alas, succeeded no more than Andrei Voronin in attempts at least something to understand and change during the experiment. Yes, and the experiment itself, forty years later, after he began, returned to where he began.

The striking section of the Strugatsky, currently more relevant for us, much more than the upcoming separation of humanity into two types.

Now, after half a century after the Strugatsky brothers, and Harari came to the question. But he, unfortunately, is also no answer. Yes, and whether it is at all.

Brothers Strugatsky