Vaccines give a chance, but the outcome of the pandemic will solve their logistics

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Published a preprint of the new study of Karl Volonon and with

The study was the goal:

And although the modeling results are given for the UK, they can, with amendment, extrapolate and Russia

Main conclusions

Adopted by Great Britain

This will require:

1) Exit to 300-500 thousand vaccinations per day, which is planned to provide the following resources:

2) Changing the vaccination policy — to give priority at vaccination of the 1st dose with a 2nd dose shift to 12 weeks after 1st.

Vaccination in Russia, as in the UK began after December 8, 2020

As of January 6, already vaccinated:

According to the number of doses of vaccines (so that it was what to vaccinate):

Until January 6, vaccinations were conducted per day:

In the UK, about 300 thousand per week

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