Updated Map of «Big Bang» in the Science of the XXI century

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Exactly 3 years ago I published post «

Today, looking at the card updated to the state for 2021, I strictly state with great regret — as and 3 years ago, this whole «holiday of life» passes almost without the participation of the Russian-speaking part of mankind. At least, judging by the runet. Here, about the «science on complexity» or «science of complex systems» they write only by marginals in the intellectual ghetto of their blogs, canals and sites, where they are read, at best, several thousand of the same marginals.

But they, most of them, do not know:

✔️ And there is something — the title card 2021 Map of the Complexity Sciences

✔️ To see the details of the card, go through it

✔️ read

You will see with your own eyes, so much in world science has a new fantastic interesting and at the same time catastrophically unknown. And perhaps further reading this channel will turn into an intellectual opium for you.

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