Triple fracture of culture

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The most radical changes in the life of people over the past decades occurred not in their material environment, but in the abstract intangible entities invented by them. Yuval Noah Harari calls them «

See yourself. The changes in our material environment that occurred in the last half century, mostly quantitative: cars and trains, aircraft and space ships, telephones and television, household appliances and computers. All this was already in the 1960s: in something worse than now, but already it was.

«When you look at cars, they all look approximately equally. You may assume that they are based on different technologies, but this is not the case. The same is true not only for most industrial products, but also for methods of managing companies and whole countries, behavior of people, etc. «

From a fundamentally new one comes to mind only one innovation —

But what cardinal changes have occurred with a number of essential fictions, centuries formed by civilization and concurrent by the end of the 20th century the basis of the culture of developed countries. It can be said that in the culture of modern Western civilization occurred




We tear into three new forms of culture a little more detail.


In these detectives, the police at the disclosure of crimes there are no possibilities to find out:


The culture of the deadlock changes all aspects of individual and public life: from the news agenda to the rules of political struggle. The criteria for the truth of the information are blurred even when discussing the most important topics: from the methods of fighting a pandemic (from which the lives of millions of people depend on the risk assessment of climate change (the survival of mankind may depend on the risks).


It is characteristic that within the framework of the culture of cancellation, society exposes the urbanism of people, which, according to activists of this culture, turned the line defined by the activists themselves. Such a «exit for the checkboxes» is interpreted as a violation of the moral and ethical norms of society or the semissible dogma of science.

If the removal of a person from its activities (political, scientific or media scarer), zealous activists of the culture of cancellation will be considered insufficient, in general

What leads triumph

What leads triumph

Two other site editor considered the review of Harriet Hall to the book

As a result, the editorial office of Science-Based Medicine unfairly accused Ebigeyl Schraier in the transfobia for simply called for additional research on the topic, which is undoubtedly deserved.

SBM editors were not alone. In the US, continue to hear


Conclusion of Jerry Koina, summarizing this crazy history, seems to me extremely important.

O The fact that for tectonic causes led to a triple stroke of a culture that thorms in it three radically new forms — supervision, deadlocks and cancellations,

However, the most likely reason for this is seen by the revolutionary coup in the life of people as a result of the appearance of an alternative habitat — the global digital info internet info with a smartphone as a device of immersion in this environment. Adapting to the drastically new infomdissian, people began to create fundamentally new tools and cultural practices of knowledge, social communications and training. Their aggregate was based on the formation of a special type of integral digital culture with two classes of actors — people and algorithms.

Analysis of the features of this integral digital culture, called me

Most likely consequences of triple crop fracture for algorithmically infused societies




And this may not only significantly reduce the chances of breakthrough scientific and technological solutions of the most important problems of humanity, but also turn science. For it is impossible to stop the complication of the world. And if this complication of the world will cease to be accompanied by the invention of increasingly complex and perfect tools of its knowledge, progress will turn back.

An obvious example here is the very fact of the appearance of algorithmically infused societies with their new algocognitive culture. Indeed, for these phenomena, modern science does not have any methods or means for their analysis and study. And if their development will seem zealous culture of cancellation of the borders of the new ethics, people are simply less and less to understand the world in which they live, their place in this world and themselves.

It remains to clarify why I think that the topic of studying algorithmically infused societies with their new algocognitive culture may seem to someone with us «indecent» and even pseudo-scientific.

Everything is simple, it does not fit into the dogma of modern academic science. And on the own experience of attempts to publish materials on this topic outside the reservation of your channel, it was experimentally established — jealous of the dogmas and guardians from the «indecent» topics in RuNet did not translate. Well, the culture of cancellation blows in their sails.

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