Tigers should be in cells

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

About whether it is possible to stop the polarization of society, I tell

We are talking about what (reading time: 16 minutes).

✔️ why the clashes in Facebook are growing, everyone accuses each other in Lzhenauca, and it is impossible to solve any serious problem.

✔️ about trabalism Homo Sapiens, Matthew, Information epidemics and cascades.

✔️ How polarization turns into dehumanization.

✔️ about inclusive morality — the only opponation of trabalism.

✔️ on the key role of the infosocial environment, its bandwidth and the value of non-verbal communications.

✔️ Where does the algorithms amoralism society leads.

✔️ Why is the urgent change of the business model of modern social media

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