The unique difference between people from computers

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

At the heart of the colossal progress of IT technologies (from recognition of everything in light to self-governed cars) — avalanche-shaped increase in the power of computing equipment (Hardver — HW).

It is clear, — with a more powerful «hardver» any creature and / or the device is capable of exploits.

Our Hardwer for 80 years has not changed. But compare these two jumps.

And if (only imagine), the champion of 1932 made the champion of the Champion of 2012, it would simply be considered superman and until the end of his life would have disassembled it on the screws in the civilian military laboratories.

Here are similar examples from other types of sports gymnastics.


No car is capable of such progress in physical activity only by improving the software. And any intelligence is not only a brain software, but also Hardver body. And therefore, one of the priority tasks of AI to understand

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