The solution of ethical problems of AI only one thing — less use AI

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл


1) The anti-European Prejudice of Homo Sapiens will turn us into social idiots.

2) Deep fakes will become the main media policy instrument.

3) New sophisticated forms of perversions will be included in the usual practice of attracting the media audience.

Here are 3 examples given by Clark in the new release of its magnificent canal.


2) Candidate of the Chamber of US representatives Phil ER, running in Florida, built his election advertising so.

3) To influence the choice of voters at the coming in November elections, the Change The Ref Group of Companies used deep fake technology for the resurrection of Joaquin Oliver, shot in 2018 when shooting at Parkland School.

And now the killed guy expressively agitates to vote for himself, for those who have not yet been killed, and for the correct presidential candidate.

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