The plan of the creation of the world was not, but there was a brilliant idea

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Jozoya Willard Gibbs, 1881

Camibly breakthrough insights should be searched not so much in the referented scientific journals and preprints, but in the author’s blogs of those who may (if they are lucky), our grandchildren will be considered the geniuses of the 1st half of the 21st century.

For example, unique

This scheme allows you to take a look at all the universe from quarks to the metagalaxy. And with her help you can try to understand:

About this and I want to tell you.

Humanity does not have a single and recognized by all the sciences of the «general scheme of the universe» (LLC). But there are already several schemes — candidates for this title. All of them are very difficult to understand that, in general, it is not surprising for schemes that can shed light on the question of the presence of a master plan for God.

New Osm Headbirths I really like my ingenious simplicity and clarity. Only three coordinates for all material objects and the phenomena of our world — two on the plane and the color palette vertical to display areas of study of various sciences.

Detailed schema description

This idea Headbirths illustrates an excellent example from the Book Book Book «

Take a look at this photo. Girls with a cat on hands.

And now let’s see how this photo will look at the increase and decrease in the scale of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 times.

The bottom left photo of the girl with a cat is our human scale, «take 1: 1, denoting it with a conditional scale of 1: 1 (the real scale of the real girl and its size in the photo is certainly different, but it is not important for us).

In the upper row, almost the same thing, but on the contrary — the scale does not increase, but decreases. Each previous photo decreases and becomes a central fragment in the red square schordcourt of the next photo.

But it looks like 8 changes in scale (as in the previous picture), and 40 (the details of each of the pictures can be considered in the book on the link above).

When moving along a greenish line, ranging from the upper left picture, each next picture reduces the scale of 10 times.

Now take a look at the drawing of the OSM: coordinate x — time, y — space (sizes), the vertical coordinate is complexity.

Move from the «starting point»:

▪️ in the direction to E18 increases the time frame;

▪️ in the direction of L2 reduces the scale of time;

▪️ in the direction of A8 increases distances;

▪️ in the direction to S13 reduces the distance.

The third coordinate — the complexity comes from the Red Square L10 to the gray square E10.

There are many different definitions of complexity. The most universal characteristics of complex systems include: a large number of elements and interactions between them, the nonlinearity of the characteristics reflecting the behavior of the system, hierarchical structure, indecomposability, unpredictability and self-organization.

Laid HEADBIRTHS for the basis of the OSM, the interpretation of difficulties is not based on any of the «academic» definitions. This interpretation is closest to the intuitive understanding of this concept —

By close to this interpretation, the definition of Daniel Mac-Shi and Robert Brandon, used in their book «Biology’s First Law The Tendency for Diversity and Complexity to Increase in Evolutionary Systems»

With regard to the evolution of living organisms, the growth of complexity is rather obvious. As writes about increasing complexity during the evolution of Evgeny Kunin:

It is very possible that the whole Universe as a whole also has an immanent trend towards an increase in complexity over time. However, this statement is inconvenient to the second law of thermodynamics, which makes emphasis on the growth of entropy. Attempts to resolve the contradiction led to interesting theoretical achievements in the study of gravitational physics, self-organizing systems, computational models of complexity and mathematical models of biological evolution.

As a result of new theoretical achievements, contradictions between two universal trends — creative (increasing complexity) and destructive (growth of entropy), they turned out to be substantially smoothed. As the famous British physicist theorient writes about this

Therefore, the grounds for the choice of increasing complexity as the 3rd coordinate coordinates can be considered quite substantiated even within the framework of the current state of science. Although the final and generally accepted conclusions in this matter are not yet.

Red squares

Now take a look at the enlarged fragment of the OSM.

Large structures of atoms constitute living systems studied by several sciences.

In terms of complexity over physical, biological and social sciences rise

The transition from one level of complexity to the following may result:

✔️ occurrence

✔️ occurrence

✔️ occurrence


The behavior of the subjects studied

Conscious Eighth Headbirths, Reference —

The process scaling complexity is a multi-step. On the picture below, 40 stages of space scaling were shown from the Book Book. The number of stages of scaling space and time (as already mentioned — reference stages of increasing complexity) in the OSM equal to 480 (24×20).

For example, the Red Square Z3 displays the area of material objects and processes:

And in general, the red surface represents the scale of time and space

The lower limit values on the scales are much more fundamental lower limits — so-called. Planck units: 10 ^ -35 m and 10 ^ -43 sec. But the extensions of the OSM to the scale of the planacian units now does not make sense. For science does not yet know what can be found there for study.

Similarly, it makes no sense to discuss the universe outside the highest levels of difficulties known to us — the strip of gray squares of the E10-E15. We know extremely few next to this gray stripe level of complexity. Perhaps this is a transcendental level, affordable religion and metaphysics.

Returning to the question about the multi-stage scaling in the process of increasing complexity, we can only say that the stages of the scale of scale were at least eight. And in many of these stages, the growth of complexity occurred as a result of self-organization. Read more about these so-called. «Major Transitions or Major Thresholds», see my post «

The main building and interdisciplinary intersection of sciences presented on the OSM can provide the associated history of the scientific explanation of the increasing complexity of the elements of the universe in the support coordinates of space and time.

Consequently, there was no master plan for the development of the universe, and he is generally not needed that everything in this world it turns out as it turns out. For the intention of the universe was so incomprehensibly ingenious, which did not require any plan.

Philip Clayton

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