The non-resistance of evil violence in social media is dangerous for society

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The number of new stunning studies on this topic is double-digit. Their extremely important results are very voluminous and contain a lot of interesting details. But I will try to state the topic according to the «method of brewing» — «Maximum subjectively, if possible, it is clearly short (you have little time, we value it) … we went.»


▪ ON 10 years of relations in society have changed dramatically due to explosive growth of the role of social media and a sharp jump of heit and polarization in them.

▪ ON Cancel Sotsmedia is impossible, but heit and polarization need to somehow extinguish (because they are already off, and this puts society to the face of social cataclysms).

▪ ON Studies show that heit and polarization growth is largely the result of targeted activities: (1) all sorts of «Troll factory» and (2) clouds of individual adherents of abuse, considering any statements that differ from unconditional consent and support their opinions, a sign disrespect and provocation to conflict.

▪ A common efforts of the Troll factory and individual adherents of Rugan turn the Internet in the Internet of Beefs (Internet Rugani)), fruit hatred, betrayal and manipulation by discourse.

Staging tasks

What is the individual strategy for each of us optimal, when a collision with trolls and heights of all the masters?

How can society counteract the heit and polarization growth in Sotsmedia?

How to solve the task

▪ Based on the analysis of 200 million words, articles and comments published on 29 right Internet portals, made up a detailed classifier of the «Language of hostility and insults» and its dialects (a) of hatred, (b) provocations and (c) TRAP TRAPHOL and individual adherents of Rugan.

▪️ We taught the AI algorithm to recognize (1) hatred and provocation of conflicts and (2) Organized opposition to provocateurs — trolls and individual heaters (the second turned out to be much more complicated by the first due to the diversity of language forms of expression)

▪️ checked and corrected the classifier and the AI algorithm, connecting them to check and retrieve crowdsserners through the CrowDWorking Mechanical Turk platform.

▪️ launched an AI algorithm for processing and analyzing 200 thousand dialog chains in Twitter.


✔️ Society can stop the growth of heit and polarization in Sotsmedia only by organized countering (only in those dialogue chains where it was, trolls and haters merged)

✔️ Optimal individual strategy is not to ban trolls and heyters, but give them a fight, organizing their supporters.

General principal conclusion — «Law of hatred in social networks»

• Modern media fundamentally changed the ways of social communications.

• In the Medicine, the tactics of swelling or banning allows you to «not see evil» instead of «fighting for good», creating every comfortable echo cameras.

• As a result of such «non-resistance of evil violence,» in the mediation transformed by trolls and heyters in the Internet, the hatred begins to reign.

• Do not allow the Internet to be reborn in the Internet hatred is only organized opposition.


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