The longest game in the long

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл


✔️ Why did this happen?

✔️ Where does it lead to?

✔️ Can something change something?

Answers to these three questions were devoted to the newly published book

It is difficult to try to press 400+ pages of dense text that is replete with citation of little-known Chinese sources to several key abstracts. But I still try.

China went its own way, fundamentally different from all previous US rivals. This path is on the dual base:

In the book, the dash is described in the details of the long and methodical game of Beijing on US outstanding from regional and global order with the help of three consecutive «strategies of displacement». The book shows how the strategy of China was refracted of a series of key events changing the perception of American power in the world:

Finally, the book offers a comprehensive, but absolutely

Although this competition has many geopolitical measurements (incl. Military, diplomatic and ideological), the essence of the competition is geoeconomic. Technology and innovation will solve the outcome of both future military and economic competition.

Well, you need to start the United States since (as I already wrote about it) that: