«The law of the existence of God» turned out to be a special case of a more complicated law

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The 2nd law of thermodynamics since a long time was considered the most perfect and irrefutable law of physics. This law of transformation of difficulty in chaos is so large and significant that for a long time I was interpreted as proof of the existence of God. Later he was rejected with the god dialectical materialism. And even later, he was again erected to the highest pedestal of physical laws, and then the updated law of evolution.

The provisions that evolution is resistance to entropy that information and entropy determine the mechanisms of the evolution of life — in the 21st century they became the grounds of the renewed picture of the world. But as before, in the depths of the foundation of the renewed scientific picture of the world, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, who said — the middle entropy of a closed system — roughly speaking, its «mess» — always increases over time.

It remained, however, one contradiction, fundamentally spilling this foundation.

And if for an inanimate nature with this it was possible to put up, then for life it did not fit at all.

After all, life is complex and consists of various subsystems — autonomous systems within a larger whole. For example, microscopic cells and their surroundings can be divided into many different subsystems: ribosome, cell wall and intracellular medium surrounding the cell. And it turned out that the basis of an understanding of the processes of life was laid a law that considers any live biological form as one monolithic system.

And what was done? The other, the 2nd law of thermodynamics, summarized for nested interacting systems, did not have in science. And so

Long years of work professor

So, mathematically not easy, now looks like the entropy of the system consisting of n subsystems (a ∈ N).

Of course, there are still many questions. The current result does not take into account the strength of the relationship between subsystems. He also does not say what is happening when new subsystems are embedded in the network. These and other questions still have to find answers.

This discovery, in combination with the new theory of thermodynamics of the calculation of the volley, closely brings the science to the opening of new physics capable of giving

On the applied rice. From the work of the Volley, there are probabilistic links between the three subsystems — (a) ribosome, (c) intracellular medium and (c) cell wall receptors. A must use B as an intermediary, because Cannot interact directly with C.

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