The largest cut in AI

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Esley believe that this is so-called. «Strong AI» (AGI), then mistaken.
AGI — In most cases, it does not cut at all, but simply the way to increase the chances of getting financing to your project, raising the Haipov flag of AGI above it. And although quite often such projects have a little attitude towards AGI, their performers, however, at least want to develop something useful to them.

This topic passes the stage of «Cambrian explosion.» The request to Google «Artificial Intelligence» is issued 200 million references, and the request is «Artificial Intelligence» Ethics, more than 50% of the number of references of the previous request (107 million).

Coluble is extremely effect, like any magic.

And now about the exposure of this magic.

Luciano Flores

Consequently, if there is no management that controls the processes of choice, responsibility, and moral estimates, such ai-ethics turns into the «Theater of Ethics», in which «laundering of ethical norms» occurs.

Those. Everything is limited by philosophical discussions and speculative estimates without any practical methodology and management tools for the operation of the operation of operating II systems.

Well, if you work carefully read this meta study, it becomes clear that the remaining 23% of the work is very primitive and superficially referred to the control of the ethical of the work of the AI Systems: the processes of decision-making, determining the responsibility for these decisions and the issuance of moral assessments of such decisions .

This fundamental error not only knocks off researchers and developers. Even worse, she knocks on the sight of the whole society. Instead of studying real risks with a wide introduction of AI into the life of people (the main of which I see their transformation into inforodes), there is a «big cut» in the field of II ethics

Hence the «Theater of Ethics» with an infinite play about «laundering of ethical norms».

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