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New wonderful work

Jack McDonald is an interdisciplinary military expert Faculty of Military Studies of the Royal College of London and the author of 2 books on the relationship between ethics, law, murder technologies and war.

In his new essay, McDonald analyzes the causes of growing skepticism about the «military AI revolution» is still expected in the near future.

For machine guns with recognition of individuals and satellite guidelines (like the fact that Iranian nuclear physicist Mochsen Fahrizade killed), for smart bullets of type «Stretch toward the enemy and forgot», for the roa of well-packed drone explosives, and a lot for something else — do not need Strong supreme and inaccessible strong AI. All technology is already there. It remains only to solve the guidelines at the junction of laws and morality.

But they decided the same problem of self-watering missiles. No one today does not occur to indignant to these «autonomous weapons» and demand its ban. It is believed that these are just automation. So why not extend the «automation process» on individual small arms and drones capable of independent search, recognition and destruction of goals.

And the second important point

Modern AI based on machine learning is the experience and reality of today. This already existing AI is able to basically change the essence of the military confrontation of the parties than the hypothetical strong AI of a distant future.

So read McDonald. Very sobering and at the same time terrifying reading.

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