The biggest risk of 2020s

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Weapons of mass destruction (or lesions) — a term that combines those varieties of weapons, which even with limited use are able to cause large-scale destruction and cause mass losses up to the application of irreversible environmental damage and states. With three existing classes, Mankind learned to survive: chemical and biological prohibited, and the use of nuclear detects the threat of guaranteed mutual destruction.

The fourth class wow only appeared. These are swarms of drones. Nobody is going to prohibit a new class, and the option of guaranteed mutual destruction does not pass here. Because the situation is peak.

Drones have already turned into a key factor of military victories, as it, for example, was in the recent Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict (take a look at an impressive demo in which Dron-Kamikazee conflict

But single drones are flowers. Berries begin when they form a swarm. And if now, for example, Turkey without a small thousand kargu (and there are many others: Bayraktar TB2 drip drones, as well as Israeli Iai Harop and Iai Mini Harpy), then over the year their number can be increased to 10 thousand.

And what is a swarm of 10 thousand drones, not everyone understands. Here are just a few important points.

To all the named potential troubles, it is impossible to stop the spread of drones. For example, 75 million Kalashnikov machines are now in private hands. Thus, the idea that millions of root devices can be produced, but they remain only in the hands of highly qualified, highly-cycle military, absolutely naive.

In short, a terrible topic. And probably, this is the biggest risk for humanity for the next decade.

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