Technotopia with Chinese specifics based on «deep technologies»

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

China’s Communist Party seems to be laughing at Western and Russian experts who pretend to stop the stormy growth of the Chinese Heytec due to, allegedly, incompatibilities of the PCD authoritarianism with the development of an innovative market economy. Joking sacrificing for 9 months. More than $ 1 trillion capitalization of its Heytec, the CCP showed both Chinese and Western techno-barons, which will not stop before, breaking them about the knee.

The CCP shows all that is not going to stop in the start. Vice Premier Liu He announced a new guidance principle —

This is an announcement of the establishment of China’s development on the growth model and the beginning of the «real state capitalism» based on «deep technologies»: cloud and quantum calculations, artificial intelligence (AI), unmanned cars, smart homes and cities. Only over the past year, the Chinese founded in a number of areas of «deep technologies»: 22,000 microcircuit manufacturing companies, 35,000 companies engaged in cloud computing, and 172,000 startups in the field of AI.

Social justice

National security

The result of all this should be

Which of all this will work out — you can only guess. In fact, no one knows what are the consequences of a combination of hard authoritarianism in the 21st century with the development of an innovative market economy. Maybe this rattling mixture will wrap the economy of China. Or maybe not only woven, but will give a key competitive advantage over the United States.

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