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22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

A week later, I plan to talk about the «person in the world of the future» in the international forum of the same name. To speak about it in the context, almost not discussed today, but, in my opinion, is most important:

Well, in order not to write advertising yourself, I will simply give the announcement of the announcement with

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🌐 Sergey said that 5-6 thousand years ago, humanity made a gigantic leap in its development. With the advent of writing, the method of thinking of mankind actually changed — external memory appeared. Human culture and intelligence is a collective phenomenon, and with the advent of writing he stopped fit in the heads of people.

In order to maintain the manageability and the possibility of scaling collective activities, the phenomenon of large gods was created, which are emerminally observed and which cannot be deceived. Such gods appeared in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. These were the moralizing gods who changed the idea of the main thing — that there is good and what is evil.

Now, humanity again makes a global leap in development, creating all new technologies — we stand on the threshold of the IV industrial revolution.

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Sergey Karelov works in the area IT for more than 30 years, he is a candidate of technical sciences. Engaged in modeling nuclear reactors, led by units of large computing centers, worked on the positions of the top manager in Interquadro, IBM, Silicon Graphics (SGI), since 2001 — an independent expert consultant on IT business, since 2004 — Chairman of the Council of the League of Independent Experts Linex. Sergey — Founder and CTO company Witology.