Technology already allow visualization not only thoughts, but also the souls

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Famous philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, doctor and big connoisseur of Greek science

And after the 12th centuries, next to the «cerebral water supply» in the so-called. «Okolovod-conductive gray matter» (so called the pericocent gray medium-sized interface) discovered a brain contour, which is functionally strongly brushing on the soul.

Согласно новому исследованию «A neural circuit for spirituality and religiosity derived from patients with brain lesions»:

The innovative sophistication of the evolution allowed to create an amazing cocktail from a mixture of the simplest feelings of pain, fear, altruism and love. This cocktail is powered

The price of the question here is colossal, because:

✔️ short-term impacts allow to give people

✔️ and long-term — allow

This was my story on Reforum, which can now be found online:

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