Supercomputer blacklist

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

On April 8, the US government included in the blacklist of organizations whose activities are contrary to the interests of national security or US foreign policy, seven supercomputer centers of China (official

De facto does it mean that:

That is, the supercomputer blacklist is very serious.

The official reason for the ban on April 8 —

Of course, this is a standard excuse.

I have this kitchen with black lists, export control, licenses and fines known to the smallest details. From 1996 to 2002 I was one of the main actors of the grand scandal about, alleged, violation of the US laws in the delivery of SGI supercomputers to Russia. The accusations of the US government were the same: supercomputers can be used to «upgrade the armed forces and / or in mass destruction weapons creation programs» (see [

In fact, a poverty struggle for the expansion of NATO to the East was laid, and the United States had to find pressure points on Russia.

So what causes the United States to use the same pressure scheme for China again?

I guess the thing is what.

In 2020, they will become a decade of machine learning triumph. And the main limiting factor here is the performance of computers when learning models.

The potential of the country’s computing power is the best indicator of its prospects in the race for the place among the technological leaders of the world in the widest range of areas: from physics to medicine. I do not speak about AI. Here, everything is still closed on machine learning.

Whether the country will fall into the eight or twenty leaders, you can approximately evaluate the total computing power of its supercomputers.

In the above schedule, the comparison of Russia, China and the United States on the total computing power of supercomputers of each of the countries included in the hundreds of the most high-performance computers of the world (as of

Comment the position of Russia will not. Everything, alas, obviously.

But about more than a three-time gap of the United States from China, I will say.

But only to stop China will be difficult. The most powerful of their supercomputers is already equipped with processors of only Chinese production. And 3 of the 7 centers made by the United States blacklist are engaged in the development of new processors for 100% disposal of Chinese supercomputers from US deliveries.

By the way, in the last week in China, a project to create a processor plant for quantum computers was launched.

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