Social media share people into two new types

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The hypothesis that the Internet will lead to the section of humanity into two new types, gets all new confirmations. But the main thing is, it becomes clear where and why the border of the fault is formed. The fracture passes through the ability of people to distinguish the truth in the new info-information of mankind, forming in our eyes — the environment of social media.

Social media have become a central force in modern life. This is the most important channel

Techno-optimists write about the positive impacts in excess. About negative (

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There are two competing ideas about cognitive style — factors that determine the beliefs and behavior of people. In psychology,

Here is an example illustrating

There are many differences regarding the relative role of intuition and reflection in everyday life.

those. The main function of our ability to reflection is to just justify our intuitive judgments. In other words, the main function of human reasoning is an argument, that is, the belief of others in its rightness, and not the search for truth as such. Hence it follows that


Proof of this are laboratory studies in which

The main principal differences of such people —

In addition, people analytical cognitive style:



In general, people analytical cognitive style

In order to make the conclusion from the above about the separation of people into two new

Research confirming the ligament between triada is the size of the social network of the individual, the ability to «read the thoughts» of others and the volume of orbital prefrontal bark, have already been carried out.

They prove [

Now we are waiting for similar studies that prove the differences in the brain of the people of intuitive and analytical cognitive styles. And then

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